When you’re planning an antique shopping trip in Washington, you want a used car that can handle the journey and provide comfort and versatility. Pick from one of the following used cars, used SUVs, and used trucks for all your adventures in Snohomish and throughout Washington.

Five Used SUVS and Used Trucks for Washington

1. Ford Expedition in Washington

A full-size SUV with three rows of seating and plenty of legroom, the Ford Expedition is known for its roomy cabin. Its spacious cargo capacity makes it the perfect vehicle for transporting antique treasures.

2. Chevrolet Suburban in Washington

For those looking for lots of space, the Chevrolet Suburban is a popular option. It has three rows of seating and a huge cargo room, so it can easily hold all your vintage finds and passengers. The Suburban is ideal for regular driving as well as towing larger items.

3. Toyota Sienna in Washington

A dependable and adaptable minivan with plenty of space for antique shopping is the Toyota Sienna. Up to eight passengers can sit comfortably, and the interior can be set up to suit various cargo needs.

4. Honda CR-V in Washington

The Honda CR-V is a compact SUV that may surprise you with its spacious interior. While it may not have the largest cargo capacity on this list, it compensates with clever storage solutions and a flexible rear seat configuration.

5. Subaru Outback in Washington

The Subaru Outback combines the versatility of a wagon with the capability of an SUV. It features a spacious cargo area, a well-designed interior, and symmetrical all-wheel drive for excellent traction making it a practical choice for antique shopping adventures.

Make your travel plans and drive confidently in a used car, used SUV, or used truck in Snohomish, Washington! Summer is the perfect time for getting outside, enjoying the nice weather, and taking your antique shopping expeditions in your next used vehicle in Washington.